To accelerate IGA adoption and drive rapid ROI for customers, SDG Corporation has partnered with Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP) to present a revolutionary Identity Automation solution. By reducing the burden of manual provisioning and freeing employees to focus on activities that require intelligence, the solution will transform the way organizations govern identities.

“Traditional application onboarding in Identity Governance implementations is dependent on the application team’s knowledge of the application, their availability and their willingness to contribute towards the IAM program,” says SDG Corporation CEO Ajay Gupta. “These dependencies frequently result in significant time delays and friction between multiple stakeholders—which leads to missed critical timelines and milestones. Eventually, the enterprise ends up spending more time, resources and money than initially allocated.”

In wide-ranging, multi-year Identity Governance programs, application integrations are complicated and time-intensive. The technical limitations of integration, along with process, people and budget challenges, result in longer process cycles, high costs, more errors, dissatisfied users and increased compliance burdens.

SDG Identity Automation helps businesses seamlessly integrate their Identity Governance Platform and Blue Prism to accelerate onboarding of disconnected or complex applications. By reducing dependency on application teams, SGD enables a 40% faster turnaround time with 60% lower costs. This integration quickly connects unconnected or unreachable legacy applications through a Blue Prism Digital Worker’s defined workflow—without building complex API integrations. As a result, the solution reduces human dependence, error-prone manual effort and access risk.

The partnership between SDG Corporation and Blue Prism provides an RPA-based Identity Automation solution that will help enterprises address common challenges and expand adoption of their IAM governance program with higher ROI.

For more details, visit the SDG Identity Automation solution page on Blue Prism’s website or contact SDG directly.

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