Fraud & Risk Intelligence

In an increasingly complex digital world, using conventional methods to identify fraud takes businesses unreasonably longer time to protect their brand and consumers from advanced cybercrime. Cyber fraud teams around the world speak in volumes about account takeover, fraudulent money transfers and sophisticated business logic abuses resulting in financial and brand losses occurring regularly within enterprises.

With SDG’s end-to-end Fraud & Risk Intelligence services, translate the ever-growing war against evolving cybercrime with actionable intelligence that enables you to respond to digital fraud attacks in real time and effectively manage risk.


Detect and prevent fraud in real time


Protect your assets, customers and brand value


Transact securely across web and mobile devices


Track emerging threats, fraud trends and new fraud management strategies


Understanding business specific challenges of digital fraud and shaping up the fraud management strategies by aligning it with our best-of-the-breed layered framework for fraud management.


End to end planning, design and implementation of Fraud Prevention and Detection controls, coupled with industry best practices and decades of consulting experience


Fraud Operations that run 24x7 in both shared and dedicated models, offering a one of its kind Fraud Managed – as – a Service that makes us your fraud defender so that you can focus more on your business.

Advisory Services

  • Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives Principles of program,
  • As-Is state analysis
  • Define Fraud Defense strategy
  • Future state blueprint
  • Roadmap

Fraud Management and Fraud Intelligence

Fraud Management:
  • Digital Banking Fraud
  • eCommerce Fraud
  • Risk based Transaction Monitoring
  • Insider Fraud
  • Web & Mobile Threat Detection
  • Fraud Orchestration
Fraud Intelligence:
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-Trojan
  • Anti Rogue App
  • Anti-Malware
  • Advanced Fraud Intelligence

Fraud Operations Management

  • Impact Analysis & policy optimization
  • 24×7 Real-time monitoring & analysis for Online Fraud
  • Trend analysis & risk optimization