Zero Trust Advisory & Evolution Service Overview

In today’s complex cyber landscape, traditional perimeter-based security is no longer enough. SDG’s Zero Trust Advisory & Transformation service helps you navigate this shift. By embracing a ‘never trust, always verify’ approach, we strengthen your security posture from inside out.


Get Monthly Intel on the Most Perilous Cyber Threats and Strategies to Safeguard Against Them

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Leverage SDG’s unparalleled 30 years of expertise to gain a decisive edge for your organization, while our adaptable managed security services stand ready to be customized for your distinct needs and objectives.

Zero Trust Maturity Assessment

We begin with a comprehensive Zero Trust readiness assessment, evaluating your existing security infrastructure, processes, and policies to gauge your current maturity level. We use standards like CISA ZTMM to benchmark your as-is state and help you with an evolution plan to embark on your journey towards Zero Trust.

Strategic Advisory

Our experts provide strategic advice, tailored to your unique business needs and security challenges. We guide you on your Zero Trust journey, defining the roadmap that aligns with your business objectives while balancing risk and cost. We are platform agnostic, which makes us recommend you the best of the breed platforms and solutions in the greatest interest of your business.

Zero Trust Implementation

We help transform your security paradigm, implementing a granular, identity-driven Zero Trust architecture that controls access to your systems, data, and applications. We integrate security measures such as multi-factor authentication, least privilege access, micro-segmentation, and real-time threat analytics.

Continuous Monitoring and Evolution

Zero Trust is not a one-time solution but an ongoing process. Our service includes continuous monitoring, ensuring your Zero Trust architecture evolves with the changing threat landscape. We provide real-time analytics, identify security gaps, and recommend improvements.

Embark on Your Zero Trust Journey with SDG

Take the proactive step to enhance your cybersecurity defenses. Contact us today and discover how our Zero Trust Advisory & Transformation service can benefit your organization.

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