Managed Security Services

SDG’s Managed Security Services helps organization to secure their IT environment through continuous monitoring of the IT environment and managing the security controls. Our managed security services offers dynamic provisioning of managed services in a manner that can be individually tailored to meet your unique security and budgetary requirements.

Our service comes with a promise of faster time to market, lower capital expenditures, reduced operating expense, improved security posture, problem resolution and 24x7x365 support from a team skilled across diverse range of traditional and next generation products & technologies.

We combine the power of threat intelligence harvested from our organic and inorganic sources, with our MSSP to eliminate the possibility of blind spots that may exist.

Security Device Management

We know that Security devices such as IDS/IPS, UTMs, VPNs, WAFs, firewalls, endpoint security solutions, etc. must be properly configured, updated and patched to protect against internal and external threats. We ensure devices are configured according to best practices. Change, Configuration, Release & Problem Management are taken care for the managed devices by SDG SOC team. We also maintain configuration backups, especially for critical devices for timely roll back in case of any outage or failure.

Security Event & Log monitoring

We offer SIEM based Event Monitoring & Log management, Event Co-relation & Analysis and Incident Management with SLA based response time. We also provide Online & Offline Log Retention.

Security Advisory

We offer Threats & Vulnerability Advisories in form of Security News-letters on a periodic basis. We also offer standard cyber Intelligence as well as tailor made Darknet intelligence.

Firewall assurance

Firewall is mostly the first line of defense and therefore it is important we keep our firewall in good shape and good health. This service uses automated platform to Identify security policy violations and platform vulnerabilities on your firewalls. This helps to detect problematic firewall changes and to clean up and optimize existing rulesets. We can also run recertification of complex rulesets to ensure complete rule life cycle management.

Compliance Monitoring

Industry regulations including PCI, GLBA, HIPA, etc. require monitoring of security devices and logs to ensure the integrity of these systems and regular reporting. Through this service we simplify compliance needs and streamline audits.

Managed Detection Response

As an enhanced version of Security Event & Log Monitoring, this service is fully supported by subject matter experts, delivering answers through deep investigation and threat hunting. We perform in-depth analysis of security alerts and recommend actions to resolve an incident. We also support and provide input to our customers in case of any major incidents from a Cyber Security perspective.

Security Assessment

Organizations should adapt to periodic cyber risk assessment of its People, Process and Technologies. Our unique service offers periodic internal and external scanning to locate weak points within our customer’s infrastructure so that they gets addresses before being exploited by an attacker. We also believe people are the weakest link and hence this service engages innovative processes to identifying “Vulnerable Humans” associated with the organization. The service generates report that highlights the vulnerabilities found, how they can be fixed, and how exploitable they are, in terms of criticality.

Brand Protection

In order to defend against today’s complex attack schemes on brand, SDG provides comprehensive external threat management service for complete fraud protection against Phishing, Trojan, Rogue apps and social media threats.