Navigating Business Transformation with Intelligent Automation

Enterprises across the globe are facing fast-paced business transformations, and the COVID-19 pandemic has uncovered a difficult reality: Business continuity and growth cannot be achieved without accelerated automation efforts. The coronavirus has accentuated today’s business transformation challenges, forcing enterprises to become more agile and open themselves up digitally to global markets and economies in order to achieve growth.

Intelligent automation can help organizations mitigate their business challenges by removing the burden of manual operations and processes and focusing on innovation to enable business acceleration. Unifying fragmented, disconnected solutions through orchestration and automation is the key to building effective and resilient business operations and staying ahead of the competition.

Accelerating Automation in Response to COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, many companies have transitioned to a remote business model and increased their use of digital channels—which has resulted in a sudden surge of identity-led cybersecurity threats. The pandemic has aggravated identity governance challenges, preventing organizations from securely managing the extended enterprise. Executives are struggling to provide employees, contractors, partners, and suppliers with the right access to business applications, and it is increasingly difficult to mitigate the risk of inadequate identity governance that may lead to cyberbreaches.

To manage growing cybersecurity risks, a successful identity governance program requires cooperation from multiple stakeholders—including enterprise application owners—and support teams to provide relevant requirements and integration with diverse applications. The program’s success depends on how effective automation and integration are in freeing stakeholders from the manual burden of rubber-stamping access approval and certification. Proactive monitoring, issue detection and remediation are essential for an IGA solution component’s stability and efficiency.

When organizations cannot address these challenges effectively, it forces the identity governance program and business application owners to deal with manual and error-prone tasks that may lead to increased cyber risk. However, businesses can address and overcome these challenges by leveraging intelligent automation.

The Role of Intelligent Automation in Identity Governance

Intelligent automation approach to govern Identities provides revolutionary value by seamlessly orchestrating the manual operations of the application teams, end users and compliance team. Through consistent monitoring of the program’s health, intelligent automation solutions enable organizations to take risk-based, proactive mitigation and remediation actions.

The approach is to simply identify the inefficiencies of the overall identity governance process and leverage intelligent automation through a digital worker to orchestrate the processes end to end. The digital worker assumes the responsibility of executing application access provisioning operations by replicating the manual steps of the application administrator. Its roles include providing access approvals and certifications, proactively monitoring all critical process throughput, failure events, and scheduled jobs, and taking automated remediation actions or proactively notifying the stakeholders on potential failures and risks.

Transforming Identity Governance

This solution approach automates and provides intelligence to govern an organization’s legacy, complex, unconnected or unreachable applications through a digital worker—without complex API development or integrations. As a result, application owners have more confidence in the IGA integration, which also motivates their cooperation. Intelligent automation also significantly reduces TCO, improves system reliability by proactive monitoring, and—most importantly—improves user experience by reducing the process burden on all the identity governance program’s stakeholders.

Including an intelligent automation solution in an identity governance program helps you:

  • Accelerate Time-to-Value and Reduce Cost
    Build, test, and onboard new applications in days or weeks, eliminating the need for labor-intensive, custom application connectors.
  • Enhance Adoption & ROI
    Expand automated provisioning to more applications (more applications are easily automatable with digital workers) and automate performance monitoring and system remediation.
  • Reduce Human Dependence
    Intelligent automation decreases dependence on administrators by automating administrative tasks like account provisioning and deprovisioning, access approvals, and certifications. It eliminates busywork and reduces error-prone manual efforts.
  • Improve Security & Compliance
    Intelligent automation enablement with IGA improves access governance posture by bringing more applications under IGA control. Better IGA control minimizes your attack surface, eliminates vulnerabilities, and streamlines compliance activities to create a better user experience.
  • Improve Cyber Resilience & Service Availability
    Using an intelligent automation approach for proactive system monitoring, issue detection, and remediation will ensure an IGA platform’s efficient and stable performance.

Intelligent automation solutions in identity governance can transform the way organizations govern identities. They reduce the manual provisioning burden and free up human resources to focus on innovative activities that accelerate business growth.

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