Harness the Power of Mobile without Ever Compromising Security

Mobile applications bring a unique challenge to information security. They can combine a complex mix of technologies including web services, embedded browsers, native device code, federated identity services and more. As an untethered corporate device, it poses tremendous risk to enterprise data and corporate information.

SDG’s Mobile Security Assessment (MSA) does not focus solely on the application running on the device, but instead looks at the entire mobility ecosystem. We assess your mobility infrastructure as it relates to device security, application security, data and infrastructure protection.

We will work with you to create a secure, successful mobile strategy that will capitalize on new business models and innovative technologies to increase productivity, drive business growth while mitigating risk.

Define a Secure Mobile Strategy

Mobile technologies put amazing powers into your hands. SDG’s leadership in security, technology, consulting and risk management solutions help enterprise businesses of all sizes maximize results while minimizing IT risk. Companies utilize our secure mobility solutions and services to:

  1. Improve customer experience across mobile channels
  2. Secure data and applications on mobile devices
  3. Embrace BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) advantages while minimizing risk to corporate information

Transform Your Organization with Secure Mobility

A big part of the enterprise mobile security strategy is the development of mobile device security policy. These policies ensure that the mobile application ecosystem is safe and that security and compliance needs are being met. They also dictate the selection of Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) tools and processes needed to secure mobile devices within the enterprise. The SDG Mobile Security team will help you configure and deploy EMM tools and processes based on the prescribed security strategy.

These policies ensure that the mobile application ecosystem is safe…

As experienced developers with a deep background and understanding of security, SDG consultants have a unified approach and methodology to build secure mobile applications. We use an extensive library of objects and tools, and follow a strict Secure-SDLC to accelerate the development of robust secure mobile applications to increase productivity, enhance collaboration and drive more transactions. We have leveraged all mobile application development approaches—native, hybrid and web to help clients from multiple industries to connect with customers, employees, businesses and machines on various types of web-enabled devices. We can apply our experience and assets to help you build applications that conform to the defined secure mobility framework.

Manage Your Mobile Empire

The risk management process is ongoing and iterative and must be repeated indefinitely. Because the business environment is constantly evolving, new threats and vulnerabilities emerge every day. The business environment today requires organizations to maximize efficiency by deriving more out of its IT investments. Thus it is important to prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities, while choosing controls to manage risks that align with your security, compliance and risk posture.

Based on your risk posture, we can prioritize and remediateassesse vulnerabilities.

To provide third party validation for your mobile ecosystem, the SDG Risk Assurance team can independently perform end-to-end application testing with automated tools as well as manual code reviews to identify vulnerabilities. Based on your risk posture, we can prioritize and remediate assessed vulnerabilities. You will reap the benefit of our experience, because we will apply our evolving toolkit of solutions and processes to quickly and efficiently diagnose and apply remediation to the perceived vulnerabilities.

SDG can help you further maximize your investment by leveraging on-shore and offshore resources to manage your mobile empire. Increasingly we’re setting up customers with a hybrid solution to provide managed support. Our ability to scale fast is often attractive as is the infrastructure we’ve built for the management of mobile applications, including our fully equipped mobile testing laboratory.


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