Take Advantage of the Cloud, Extend your Enterprise Securely

Employing cloud computing as a strategy to reduce IT costs and manage infrastructure continues to drive it’s accelerated adoption by the enterprise. While the benefits of cloud computing are well understood, the security and compliance risks of making the move are not; and organizations are challenged with determining a transition plan to a secure cloud based technology environment from a traditional network infrastructure.

SDG’s experience in technology and risk management will help. Our cloud security services practice helps you navigate the move safely. We provide advisory, transformation and support services to ensure that as you move from the strict infrastructure based perimeter security within your rewalls to the cloud, your security and compliance standards are being met thereby making your cloud transformation a success without putting your enterprise assets at risk.

Define a Secure Implementation Strategy and Roadmap for Cloud Computing

To effectively use cloud technologies, you need a clear strategy customized for your business. Based on your security, risk and compliance needs, your plan should include a classification of the digital assets that should be migrated to the cloud, and those that should be maintained within the enterprise firewalls. The SDG Cloud Advisory Services can help you fully realize the benefits of cloud. We do this by assessing your enterprise application architecture, identifying digital assets that could be migrated to the cloud, defining the cloud computing services that can best meet your business needs and designing a roadmap to securely implement your chosen cloud computing model. We pay special attention to security considerations by assessing vulnerabilities and threats specific to your cloud-operating model, including threats to components managed by external providers and internal components.

Transform Your Enterprise with Secure Cloud Computing

SDG will help you navigate the move with a result that secures critical enterprise information assets.

Whether using cloud services in public, private or hybrid form, SDG will help you navigate the move with a result that secures critical enterprise information assets. SDG focuses on a layered and intelligent security driven approach to deliver both the IT solutions and business process changes and disciplines to realize the promise of your defined secure cloud strategy. We follow this strategy and roadmap to uniformly package all the services necessary to build applications, including database, virtualization and architecture services. Once completed, it then frees you from the complexities of building and maintaining application architectures, and allows your technical staff to focus on business solutions.

Manage Your Secure Cloud Platform

The risk management process is ongoing and iterative and must be repeated indefinitely. This is especially true when your IT operations are running on the cloud. Because the business environment is constantly evolving, new threats and vulnerabilities emerge every day. The business environment today requires organizations to maximize efficiency by deriving more out of its IT investments. Thus it is important to prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities, while choosing controls to manage risks that align with your security, compliance and risk posture.

SDG can help you further maximize your investment by leveraging on-shore and offshore resources…

To provide third party validation for your applications, the SDG Risk Assurance team can independently perform end-to-end application testing with automated tools as well as manual code reviews to identify vulnerabilities. Based on your risk posture, we can prioritize and remediate assessed vulnerabilities. You will reap the benefit of our experience, because we will apply our evolving toolkit of solutions and processes to quickly and efficiently diagnose and apply remediation to the perceived vulnerabilities.

SDG can help you further maximize your investment by leveraging on-shore and offshore resources to manage your cloud based architecture. Increasingly we’re setting up customers with a hybrid solution to provide managed support. Our ability to scale fast is often attractive; as is the infrastructure we’ve built for the management of applications, including our fully equipped testing laboratory.


  • Readiness
    Define Cloud Strategy
  • Services
    Cloud Assessment
    Cloud Security Assessment
    Infrastructure Analysis & Cloud Profiling
    Business Continuity Planning
    SaaS integration


  • Transition
    Design and Deploy Cloud Strategy
  • Services
    Cloud Enablement Service
    Platform Migration Services
    Infrastructure Consolidation Services
    On-Premise Private Cloud


  • Support
    Support and Improve cloud services
  • Services
    Cloud Infrastructure Outsourcing