Penetration Testing

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Get a multifaceted view of your security vulnerabilities—from an attacker’s perspective.

It’s never one vulnerability that leads to a security breach—it’s a series of small oversights. Are your most critical assets protected?

Using the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) and Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) standards, our experienced engineers combine exclusive services with an expansive approach to cybersecurity to produce immediately available actionable intelligence without losing sight of each client’s long-term risk mitigation objectives.

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Black Box Pen Testing

Without existing knowledge of your enterprise, our team will identify and evaluate vulnerabilities that may compromise your people, processes, and critical business systems and produce a detailed, easy-to-understand report.

White Box Pen Testing

SDG’s cybersecurity specialists will evaluate logical and security vulnerabilities within inhouse-developed code across your environment.

External Pen Testing

Considering the global pivot away from conventional perimeter (firewalls), the criticality of understanding and measuring the risk of external nefarious actors has never been higher. Merging decades of experience in Access Management (Single Sign-On, Federation and B2B Identity Management) with deep expertise in penetration methodologies and practices ensures identification of perimeter vulnerabilities.

Internal Pen Testing

Low-level, detailed evaluation of the existence of and potential for malware leading to credential-stealing and compromised business systems. These critical activities identify what vulnerabilities exist in your internal network.

Web App Pen Testing

Applying regulations and control subject-matter expertise, SDG’s ethical hackers will uncover the coding, design, and development deficiencies that an attacker might exploit.

Insider Threat

With a significant percentage of unauthorized access originating from internal persons and systems, evaluating the risks related to data and systems must include assessments of policies and the effectiveness of internal infrastructure.

Assumed Breach

With the understanding of the ways in which the enterprise might be compromised, Assumed Breach simulates the activities of malicious and compromised users to measure the potential damage (risk) to brand and financials.

Social Engineering Assessment

Unlike the ineffective, generic, "one-size fits all" phishing campaigns, our evaluation of vulnerabilities related to social engineering is customized to expose the persons, policies, and systems with the highest spear-phishing susceptibility.

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What You Get

At SDG, we don’t cut corners just to check boxes. We’ve been 100% successful in all our engagements since 2019. If you have a weakness or vulnerability, our team will find it—and we’ll do it in record time.

With every penetration testing engagement, we deliver on our promises. That includes:

  • Timely, detailed reports
  • Meaningful visibility into your security posture
  • Dedicated, flexible team of experts
  • Alignment with key provisions of regulatory controls
  • Go to green milestones
  • Advancement of cybersecurity health