Digital Transformation

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Raise your Business to new heights with Continuous Secure Collaboration

Technology and economic trends are accelerating the demand for business collaboration. Global businesses with distributed work teams need collaboration tools that make it easy to share data securely across the cloud. This drive for multi-channel collaboration has brought forth a number of privacy and security concerns because this shared corporate information can be sensitive and subject to regulation.

SDG’s leadership in security, technology consulting and risk management solutions helps enterprise businesses of all sizes maximize results while minimizing IT risk. Companies utilize our security solutions and services to create collaboration environments that help them increase workforce productivity and drive business growth. We build security into the architecture and design of the application by using a secure SDLC. We use our extensive library of secure objects and tools, to accelerate the development and management of robust, secure collaboration applications to increase productivity and drive more transactions.

Define a Secure Collaboration Architecture and Strategy

As new digital tools have emerged to make multi-channel collaboration more effective and productive, they have brought with them a wealth of privacy and security concerns. We can help you make the right choices and establish a strategy to share and access information securely across the enterprise, using a holistic integration of existing and emerging technologies. By leveraging our partnerships with key digital players, and our deep background in security, our technology expertise and industry knowledge, our consultants will work with you to securely deliver content and applications over the Internet.

Based on your security, risk and compliance posture, we help you identify and develop an application security framework that will provide adequate protection and satisfy your security, risk, compliance and governance needs. This framework will be used to build a flexible roadmap that guides the selection of partners, products and solutions needed to create the technology landscape for the secure management and secure development of all your applications.

Transform your Enterprise with Secure Collaboration

…SDG consultants have a unified approach and methodology to build secure applications for collaboration.

As experienced developers with a deep background and understanding of security, SDG consultants have a unified approach and methodology to build secure applications for collaboration. We use an extensive library of objects and tools, and follow a strict Secure-SDLC to accelerate the development of robust secure applications to increase productivity, enhance collaboration and drive more transactions. We have an extensive background in building different types of applications including Portals, Web Applications, Content Management, Business Process Management as well as Web Services; to help clients from multiple industries collaborate with customers, employees and businesses. We can apply our experience and assets to help you build applications that conform to the defined security framework. If you already have a technical team in place, we can help you build your internal competencies in the development of secure applications through Secure-SDLC training of your internal staff

Manage your Secure Collaboration Platform

The risk management process is ongoing and iterative and must be repeated indefinitely. Because the business environment is constantly evolving, new threats and vulnerabilities emerge every day. The business environment today requires organizations to maximize efficiency by deriving more out of its IT investments. Thus it is important to prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities, while choosing controls to manage risks that align with your security, compliance and risk posture.

Because the business environment is constantly evolving, new threats and vulnerabilities emerge every day.

To provide third party validation for your applications, the SDG Risk Assurance team can independently perform end-to-end application testing with automated tools as well as manual code reviews to identify vulnerabilities. Based on your risk posture, we can prioritize and remediate assessed vulnerabilities. You will reap the benefit of our experience, because we will apply our evolving toolkit of solutions and processes to quickly and efficiently diagnose and apply remediation to the perceived vulnerabilities.

SDG can help you further maximize your investment by leveraging on-shore and offshore resources to manage your collaboration domain. Increasingly we’re setting up customers with a hybrid solution to provide managed support. Our ability to scale fast is often attractive; as is the infrastructure we’ve built for the management of applications, including our fully equipped testing laboratory.


  • Security Assessment
    Architecture Assessment
    Application Assessment
  • Security Strategy
  • Architecture Roadmap
  • Application Architecture and Solution Design
    Platform/Product/Partner selection.
    UX guidelines and best practices
    Enterprise Integration


  • Secure Application Development
  • Application Security
    3rd Party Affirmations
    Penetration Testing
    Code Reviews
    Vulnerabilities Remediation
  • Database Security
    Database Encryption
    Database Vault
  • Data and Content Security
    Data Masking
    Digital Watermarking
    DRM Implementation


  • Application Maintenance & Support
  • Security Services
    Vulnerability Monitoring
    Threat Monitoring
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis
  • Security Metrics
  • Security Audits