Cloud Transformation

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Reduce cloud complexity with a trusted advisor.

Cloud transformation services have the power to revolutionize your business—but without the right guidance, you’ll face daunting challenges when it comes to adoption strategy, platform selection, and cost modeling.

As a leader in cloud advisory, SDG partners with some of the largest companies in the world. We understand the pressures, organizational friction, and technology conflicts you might face—and we’re equipped to help you overcome them.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment evaluates your current IT estate to determine fitness and migration methodology for your workloads, while also identifying ways to shed technical debt, improve resilience, and reduce cost.

Cloud Migration Cost Assessment

Our Cloud Migration Cost Assessment evaluates your current IT estate, determines inventory, and right-sizes into the cloud while estimating costs across various cloud providers.

Governance at Scale

Governance is neither a project nor a tool. It is an ongoing initiative whose speed, scope, and implementation are tailored while containing the pillars of account management, configuration management, financial management, and data governance.

Multi-Cloud Migration

SDG provides a complete solution to modernize your infrastructure holistically, whether you need traditional cloud migration services, application refactoring, or both. Combined with our Cloud Readiness Assessment, our multi-cloud migration services will help you make the right decision for each workload by weighing the costs, dependencies, and business benefits together.
Traditional Migration

The SDG Cloud Migration Service is focused on completing your server/VM move to the public cloud easily and smoothly, without business interruptions. Our process is designed to successfully migrate either entire data centers or individual workloads to the public cloud, providing a predictable schedule and cost and a reliable OpEx forecast for post-migration operations.

Application Modernization

We rely on our comprehensive consulting methodology and proven tools to perform complete application architecture changes or change specific runtime components to support cloud-native deployment and scale. We provide these services through a custom statement of work, offering a predictable schedule and cost.

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What You Get

Our Cloud Advisory Services start by evaluating your business goals and performing a Cloud Readiness Assessment focused on your people, processes, and workloads. Then we’ll define a customized strategy to help you embrace our proposed cloud transformation services. In our client partnerships, we have:

  • provided guidance on emerging technologies, cloud adoption, advanced analytics, architecture, and deployment.
  • assessed application portfolios for cloud readiness.
  • offered recommendations on target CSP environments for applications.
  • equipped management with visibility to make informed decisions.
  • enabled IT teams to work cohesively.

Looking for a more targeted consultation? We have a full suite of advanced capabilities across multiple public cloud providers—sign up for a free 1/2-day assessment today.

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