Our Approach

Engagement Model

In an advisory capacity SDG helps clients with business strategy and technology recommendations, with an eye to protecting legacy IT assets, moving fast in line with market pressures and striving for a lower total cost of ownership.

During a transformational engagement SDG will implement a new solution, or more often, migrate from one platform to another, leveraging best in class frameworks and secure SDLC practices. As experienced technology integrators SDG brings a unique perspective having worked with many global enterprise clients over the past two decades.

SDG provides a range of managed or professional services, often as a natural extension from transformational engagements. We leverage a mix of skill sets needed to maintain operational excellence and the right cost model.


  • Advisory Services
  • Technology Choices
  • Legacy Infrastructure
  • Best Practices
  • Security Architecture
  • Risk Management


  • Systems Integration
  • Solution Implementation
  • Solution Migration
  • Risk & Compliance Solutions


  • Professional Services
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Operational Excellence

PHI (Project Health Index)

SDG manages every client engagement using established project management techniques and has developed an additional methodology which looks at a range of inputs to generate a PHI which in turn translates to quality assurance through early action based on project scores. This is an intrinsic component of SDG’s methodology, based on experience with enterprise brands of all sizes.

Adding Value from the Middle