TruOps IT Operations

Application Availability

  • Application Monitoring
    (Rule Based)
  • Application Availability and Performance
  • Application Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Application End User Experience / Transactions
  • Application Tickets
    (Incidents and Problems)

Device Availability

  • Device Monitoring
    (Rule Based)
  • Device Availability and Performance
  • Cluster Nodes Monitoring
  • Device Metrics or KPI’s Monitoring
  • Device Tickets
    (Incidents and Problems)

Service Delivery

  • Incidents Management
  • Problem Management
  • Requests Management
  • Change Management
  • SLA Reporting


  • No centralized view into IT systems availability or performance
  • Decentralized technology platforms for event monitoring and management
  • Inability to quickly make informed business decisions
  • Inability to analyze technology problems business impact and the associated downtime costs


  • Quicker, better informed business decisions
  • Proactively identify and resolve application problems while preventing a recurrence
  • Better management of infrastructure and business-based service levels
  • Early visibility into systems-application behavior, providing the ability to resolve potential problems before performance and/or availability impacts to the business can occur
  • Gain visibility into end-user experiences, applications and business services through synthetic and real-user performance monitoring
  • Anytime-Anywhere access

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