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Insider and external threat intelligence integrated with risk to drive automated actions

TruOps empowers businesses with a holistic, intelligent and real-time view of risks and threats across your IT operations, security operations, digital, third parties, compliance, governance, BCM/DR and audit.
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Risk Management

TruOps lets you establish a common risk taxonomy and centralize risk treatment across the organization. Automatically identify risks based on risk assessments survey responses using TruOps Smart Risk Scenario Engine. Centralized Risk Register lets you aggregate and normalize risks for various asset categories and business processes to consistently identify, assess, evaluate, treat and monitor risks in one central Repository.

Compliance Management

TruOps integration with UCF Common Controls Hub let’s building and maintaining content library of harmonized controls across multiple authoritative sources which ensures controls are defined, and updated to meet shifting compliance obligations. TruOps Compliance management is based on “Test Once Comply to Many” concept where control once assessed (via self-assessment or continuous monitoring) can be used for measuring Compliance against multiple authority documents reducing the burden of compliance. And, TruOps streamlines assessment reports, creating “findings” that identifies non conformities which can further be automated to remediation activities through standard TruOps workflow that you can change — ensuring swift review, issue remediation and exception management. Once findings are closed, Compliance score for controls as well as authority documents are revised and visible on Compliance Dashboard.

Issues & Exceptions

TruOps Issues and Exception Management module automates identification, planning and response processes. It helps you initiate and manage plans and task actions, and allocate appropriate people to resolve GRC issues in a timely manner. TruOps Issues and Exception management enable you to provide upper management with fast, accurate views of the real-time situation / issues across multiple sources. TruOps Exception management automates policy exception life cycle to quickly and reliably initiate exception reviews, escalations, extensions and renewals. Using TruOps controls framework, correlate exceptions to specific internal policies, standards and compliance mandates — and establish a renewal process based on changes that occur during the exception lifecycle.

Business Continuity & Management

Automate business continuity and disaster recovery planning and execution to protect your ongoing operations using TruOps Business Continuity Management System. Solution aims at helping organizations establish, implement, review, monitor, maintain and improve business continuity by providing a centralized Related library of business processes and assets for easy access, review and update of BC/DR information. Evaluate business criticality of each process by performing business impact analysis. Solution also enables linking risks and controls to business continuity plans. Improve coordination between business continuity, disaster recovery, and crisis response teams with automated tasks, alerts, and reminders. TruOps Business Continuity Management system integrates with Vendor Risk Management solution to conduct assessments and identify risks across third party suppliers also.

Policy Management

TruOps Policy Management dramatically reduces time and costs associated with policy authoring, review, approval, distribution, training and measurement, while improving the effectiveness of governance programs by automating manual activities, eliminating process inefficiencies, and enabling complete policy lifecycle management. With Policy Management integration to other TruOps solutions such as Compliance Management, companies can easily create, communicate, and maintain policies in line with corporate objectives and continuously demonstrate compliance with regulations, industry standards and guidelines and best practices.

IT Risk

IT Risk helps organizations streamline their process of IT audit, assessment and reporting by integrating with TruOps solutions for Compliance Management, Risk Management, Issues & Exception Management and Policy Management. Business can have better control over Audit process by using Risk based Audit Planning to identify Audit Scope. Using Audit scheduled and assessments, auditors can record findings, their detailed observations and recommendations alongside evaluation questions. “Audit Findings” can be sent for approval and remediation in TruOps Issue and Exception Management.

Security Risk

TruOps Cyber Security Risk Management is designed to bridge business context and process enablement to effectively address the complexity and cascading impact of rapidly changing cybersecurity threats and risks. Using TruOps, one can determine which assets are critical to your business, detect and respond to attacks, identify and remediate security deficiencies, and establish clear IT risk management practices. TruOps comprehensive rule engine comes with pre-defined rules for various connectors to Vulnerability scanners and threat feeds and is leveraged to automate threat detection and vulnerability remediation processes.

Identity Risk

Integration of TruOps Integrated Risk Management solution & Identity platforms enables continuous control monitoring and risk-based IAM to automate insider threat defense & access compliance. TruOps leverages identity data from IdentityIQ or any other IDM solution to automatically detect controls compliance via real time monitoring and measure authority document compliance posture. This will simplify the audit process as well as improve on time efficiencies to complete an assessment response. Solution strengthens compliance program of an organization by linking relevant compliance requirements and associated controls to identity governance events such as access re-certifications, segregation-of-duty policies, and role change approvals and orphaned accounts.
TruOps Identity Risk Plugin for IDM solution will enable Identity Access governance using Risk Intelligence (Asset Risk as well as Identity Risk) that is generated in TruOps using complex algorithms and machine learning.

Vendor Risk

Manage third-party relationships while reducing risks and monitoring performance using TruOps Vendor Risk Management solution. Get an accurate picture of third-party risk using TruOps integration with Global Vendor Security Profiles, quickly allocate resources to those that are most pressing and make better business decisions. Using TruOps Business decision matrix configure the need to mitigate vendor risks or Stop doing the business with vendor altogether.

Digital Risk

As organizations are steadily relying on digital processes to run their business, they need to ensure that the systems, processes and behaviors are appropriately fitted for their intended purpose, in their ecosystem. TruOps Digital Risk Management helps build digital resiliency, where an organization’s systems and operations are designed to detect digital threats and respond to events to minimize business disruption and financial losses. TruOps strong capability in workflow automation, advanced analytics and ability to integrate with new data sources helps create real business value by improving efficiency and the quality of risk decisions, provides better monitoring and control and more effective regulatory compliance.


Dashboards and Reports

  • Flexible & customized dashboards and reporting
  • Multiple levels of drilldown views
  • Role based data visibility
  • Extensive export options ( PDF, JPG, XLS etc.)

No-code collector and integrations

  • Pre-built Integrations
  • Standard based data collector framework enabling seamless integration with data systems without requiring development
  • Expose real-time dashboards to the external systems

AI, Cognitive & Analytics

  • Behavioral risk analytics - user, assets, processes & controls
  • Prescriptive risk guidance
  • Improve quality of information, user interaction and reduce manual tasks

Flexible Deployment Models

  • Multi-tenant, SaaS ready, deployable on AWS/Azure or any Private Cloud
  • Administrative health monitoring for proactive maintenance

Access Control and Security

  • Role Based Access Control
  • Single Sign-On capability
  • Application Security with OWASP
  • SSL-ready at every layer
  • Encryption at file / database / data level

Configurable Workflows

  • Dynamic process builder - combination of parallel/sequential flows with dynamic actors such as users, roles & groups
  • Configurable notification templates
  • Dynamic rule engine for data transformation

Auditing & Forensics

  • User activity logging
  • Data Audit Trail
  • Detailed error logging and reporting

User Friendly, intutive interface

  • Responsive user interface supporting laptops, tabs and mobile phones
  • Intuitive interface design makes it simple to use & adopt

Simple-by-design Framework

  • Easy implementation & upgrades
  • Plug-and-play application development
  • Exceptionally adaptable to change


Simplified Regulatory Supervision

  • ‘Test once, comply with many’ reduces compliance burden
  • Organize Risks and Controls centrally; link controls that span multiple risks across different functions
  • Expand collaboration between functions and business groups

Reduced Cost of Compliance

  • Reduced costs by consolidating on a single GRC solution
  • Cost reduction by not maintaining duplicated controls, test, issues, actions, and reporting across multiple disciplines
  • Increased audit efficiencies as audit teams have access to control and risk data centrally

Improved gap detection and remediation

  • Pre-built controls & assessment tem-plates against standards (PCI, ISO 27001, GDPR and more)
  • Use assessments along with KPIs and KRIs to improve risk and control assurance, identify gaps and manage emerg-ing risks to achieve operational efficiency

Higher Confidence with Higher Integration

  • Dynamic process builder - combination of parallel/sequential flows with dynamic actors like users, roles & groups
  • Configurable notification templates
  • Dynamic rule engine for data transformation

Risk resilience and informed decision making

  • Manage risks cascading out of emerging threats to build resilience and reduce impacts of cybersecurity risks.
  • Gather risk based insights to make informed investment decisions and optimize cybersecurity efforts.

Visibility, Transparency and Business agility

  • Gain better visibility into your compliance posture by automated and real time data aggregation, analysis, reporting and dashboards.
  • Reduce Risk through centralized cross-referenced information across the organization

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