TruOps Business Integration Platform

TruOps provides a scalable centralized platform to integrate disparate business systems to solve business problems. TruOps is a multi-faceted foundation that can be leveraged in a variety of ways:

  • Our 'no code' collector framework allows you to "pull" data from a variety of business platforms
  • Our customizable repository allows you to collate and correlate the data you have pulled into useful information
  • The configurable workflow engine lets you build workflows to manage, review and take action based on the information
  • The rules engine, lets you interpret the data and trigger workflows or affect how the data is displayed
  • TruOps is customizable so you can get "business views" for each role in the organization; operations leaders and members of the management team can gain early visibility into behavior of business critical systems
  • Our alerting agents lets you trigger custom alerts and notifications via email and phone

Add to that role based access and rich reporting capabilities and you have a platform that is as versatile as it is flexible to meet your business needs.

The Collector Framework

  • TruOps has a built in scheduler that lets you manage the run frequency of the collectors/adapters through the Administration interface.
  • Our collector "cookbook" helps us easily build new collectors/adapters that can connect to end source system via database, SDK, command line or web services
  • Automatic alerts via email can be setup in case of an error in a collector run.
  • The TruOps collector framework can run in a clustered environment. Collectors are automatically distributed over the available cluster nodes to give better operating performance.

TruOps Rules Engine

  • TruOps lets you segregate your business logic from your data
  • Business Rules are configured through the Administration panel.
  • As your business changes, TruOps makes it easy to modify business rules without having to change code.

TruOps Workflow Engine

  • Our built in workflow configurator makes it easy to build customized and scalable workflows.
  • Includes user interface to view and operate the workflows

Authentication and Authorization

  • TruOps can be configured to have either database driven or LDAP based authentication.
  • Strong role based access control. Views can be customized based on user roles.
  • Single Sign On enabled User Authentication is also available

High Level Architecture

And More ...

  • Rich Graphical Interface
  • Collaboration Services
  • The TruOps framework separates the Data Access layer from the database making it flexible to adapt to your database standard
  • Support on Next Generation computing Devices such as Smartphones & Tablet PCs
  • Self-Configurable UI Components
  • Enhanced visibility into business processes through monitoring critical operations real time
  • Data driven business decision-making
  • Serves as a guide to processes and practices that drive profitability and compliance
  • Drive intra-day business and operational decisions and actions
  • Relate real time operational data to enterprise data
  • Supports any Business Data source
  • Reduces Time To Market for solution deployment

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