Build a sustainable solution for the future

So many security breaches are internal access breaches, so data quality for entitlement and onboarding must be run with strict IT Risk Controls.

We will help you navigate the technology choices, consider frameworks to leverage best practices and integrate your legacy environments to meet security, privacy and compliance requirements.

As cloud, mobile and IT consumerism gains velocity within the enterprise, the business must look beyond traditional IAM and deploy scalable and sustainable identity and access governance solutions. Governance is the key word, and we will partner with you to make sure you have the right controls in place to mitigate threats to your business.

Take our Risk-Based Health Assessment

If you’re contemplating expansion or just modernizing your Identity and Access Management platform a good first step is to run a Risk-Based Health Assessment. Or if further along in your migration plans we will help you with technology evaluation and vendor selection, consistent with your short and long term business goals. We are technology agnostic and our expert advisors will help shape your thinking on the path forward, protect your investments, and provide a sustainable and secure solution.

There's more to IAG than which technology platform

We have a strong team of domain experts, architects, designers and developers to bring your vision to realization.

Transformation initiatives take many forms, and include: Implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) and Federation, Password Management, Authentication and Fraud Protection, Roles-Based User Provisioning, Risk-Based Access Certification and Virtualized Identity Access. It’s a long list, but you get the idea.

Identity Governance

  • Password Management
  • Access Request & Approval
  • Role based access Provisioning
  • Analytics & Access Risk
  • Risk based Access Certification

Access Management

  • Single Sign-On & Federation
  • Authentication
  • Authorization and Entitlements
  • Privileged Account Management
  • API Management and Security
  • Extended Enterprise – Mobile & Cloud

Directory Services

  • Directory Services Infrastructure based on LDAP & Active Directory
  • Virtualized Identity Access (VDS)
  • Enterprise Meta Directory
  • Cloud based Directory Services

We can you support your brand 24/7

We support a number of brands globally with Levels 1, 2 and 3 technical support 24/7. Not bragging rights per se, but we’re confident we can support your needs to maintain operational excellence and protect your brand with the right cost model. Identity and Access Governance is not an insignificant investment. We have the resources you need to protect your environment and satisfy your customers.


  • Solution framework to assist clients across verticals for:

    • IAM Assessment & Health Check Risk Based Assessment
    • IAM Strategy & Roadmap
    • IAM Workshop & Strategy Review
    • Emerging Technology Evaluation
    • Vendor selection
    • Independent verification and validation Audit
    • IAM Migration Strategy


  • Solution to manage risks across multiple platforms and applications

  • Ensures information security and regulatory compliance

  • Service offerings include

    • User Administration & Provisioning
    • Identity & Access Governance
    • Identity & Risk Analytics
    • Privileged Account Management
    • Federation, Single Sign On & API Management
    • IAM Migration


  • Managed CoE Services

  • Managed Support Services

  • Service offerings include:

    • User Administration & Provisioning
    • Identity & Access Governance
    • Identity & Risk Analytics
    • Privileged Account Management
    • Federation, Single Sign On & API Management

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