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using Enterprise Web App Development

Web-based applications have largely overtaken traditional desktop-legacy applications, and have become the ‘de-facto’ choice for implementing a business solution. SDG helps you in making right technology choices for profitable and efficient growth.

Whether your organization needs mobility applications, portals, rich Internet applications or web services, SDG will devise performance-based, web-enabled applications and solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing and planned systems.

Leveraging SDG
We work for enterprises to stabilize, enhance and grow their business and market potential.

  • Streaming video - reach more customers with less time to market for your products and services
  • Content monetization - reduce fraud while increasing end user conversion rates and profitability
  • Digital asset management systems - easier and more efficient means of organizing digital assets and reducing costs of in-house IT resources with cloud-based hosting of corporate image libraries
  • Broadcast-to-Broadband delivery - reaching a larger audience with more content, better ROI
  • Social networking and collaboration - increased workflow management and employee interaction
  • High-volume, high-traffic web serving - real time information sharing increases time-to-deployment
  • Blogs, message boards, and wikis - greater employee interaction reduces conflicts and work slowdowns
  • Digital content encoding and transcoding - automatically repurpose new and existing content in any format: reach new and existing customers worldwide
  • Fast file transfer techniques - increased internal and external content exchange management

Upon successfully capturing specific requirements, using our interactive discovery process, SDG's digital development and implementation team will deploy a suite of leading-edge, next-generation web technologies to enhance any online presence. SDG's digital domain expertise and capabilitie include:

  • AJAX: Enhances visitor experience
  • RSS: Offers the end user an alternate means of obtaining information
  • Flash: Delivers to the end user rich, interactive content
  • Web Services: Provides feeds and integrations to third-party tools
  • Streaming Video: End user receives a richer experience

Web 2.0 functionalities: Wikis, blogs, and discussion boards SDG's global team can develop and deploy, based on individual timelines and business needs, a single solution to complete suite of robust solutions.

SDG works with emerging-to-Fortune Global 10 enterprises to automate their end-to-end business processes through our leading-edge integration services and technologies. The firm helps companies automate business processes distributed across enterprise applications, operational and business support systems and supply chains. As a result, these businesses have the potential to scale with their business needs and changing market opportunities.

SDG's enterprise application integration (EAI) practice seamlessly merges its best-in-class business processes and integration capabilities to execute business process automation (BPA) and messaging middleware for event transport and application connectivity using connectors or adapters.

SDG incorporates its extensive expertise with leading eBusiness integration platforms like BEA, Tibco, Vitria, webMethods, IBM and others. Our core capabilities include business process identification, technology selection and implementation for automation, and scaling the enterprise capability for future performance. Automation and integration experience includes:

  • CRM integration
  • ERP integration
  • B2B integration
  • Operational Support System (OSS) integration
  • Legacy application integration

Data integration

Engaging SDG
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