Digital Collaboration

Teamwork is More Than a Buzzword.

SDG’s expertise in connecting global workforces in virtual workplaces across all the moving parts of an enterprise is the stuff of legends.

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Practice Leader-Digital Collaboration & Cloud

The Digital Collaboration and Cloud Practice Leader will focus on client value creation, and growing domestic and international market share. You will lead and drive SDG’s Digital Collaboration and Cloud growth strategy and vision, managing and owning the execution of your Practice engagements, and taking the lead on partner and business development activities.

Principal Activities:

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All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex or national origin.  At SDG Corporation, we are committed to recruit the best military and veteran talent.

Teamwork is More Than a Buzzword.

SDG’s expertise in connecting global workforces in virtual workplaces across all the moving parts of an enterprise is the stuff of legends.


<h1 class="header_text">Elevate Collaboration from a Buzzword</h1>
<h2 class="subheader_text">to the Integral Driver of Productivity</h2>

The business landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate. What used to be niche is now mainstream. What used to take years to develop now takes months, and what used to take weeks now takes days. SDG collaboration solutions enable the best minds to think better while driving high performance results and improved productivity.

Specifically, SDG can help you develop and deploy:

collaboration truism: a little knowledge can go a long way;
in the enterprise knowledge = innovation.

Collaboration is critical to high performance in organizations today.

  1. Communicate
    Early and Often.
    Often and Early.

  2. Success
    Replace competition and isolation with collaboration and communication.

  3. Winning
    Collaboration helps to achieve modest and meaningful successes along the pathway to meeting major goals.


Leveraging SDG
As the digital revolution continues to change the way organizations interact, create, communicate and distribute knowledge, data and information, you may need to engage a consulting partner who can help you manage your diverse network of internal and external employees, suppliers and clients. We deliver consistent and predictable solutions.

Engaging SDG
We are happy to demo how your enterprise can benefit from our extensive array of and expertise in collaboration tools and solutions.  Contact us at +1 (203) ­866-8886 or email to

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Responsive Web Design Strategy

by Ravi Kumar, Manager, Solution Architect 2012 marked the first time in over a decade that PC sales declined, and for the first time ever the number of smart phones grew more than the number of PCs. Tablets and smartphones are hot commodities, and it’s predicted that in 2013 the sales are expected to exceed $100 million. According to a latest survey, 60% of tablet users prefer reading news on the mobile web than via a native app on the device.  For those of us who create websites and services, all this leads to one conclusion:  millions of screens have bloomed on many different operating systems, and we need to build websites for all of them that make for a positive user experience. 2013 will be the year that responsive design takes off.  In simple terms, a Responsive Web Design (RWD) uses “media queries” to figure out what resolution is being served on a particular device. Flexible images and fluid grids then size correctly to fit the screen. As a developer, if you want your website to be usable by the growing number of mobile users, your website must not only serve a web browser, but also be viewable in an array of devices.   Responsive Web Design should play a key role in your future development, and even part of a strategy for migrating existing websites that are currently not using it. SDG works with its enterprise clients to strategize and build websites that effectively and efficiently serve both PC-based users as well as the diversity of mobile devices and user preferences on the market today.  Without a sound strategy for now and the future, many organizations may find themselves behind the curve.

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