Find Bugs Before your Customers Do

with Robust QA and Validation Testing

Disciplined testing is no substitute for strong requirements gathering, but there’s nothing more damaging to your reputation than your customers finding problems or bugs tied to standard use cases immediately after release.  Avoid the embarrassment and take advantage of our suite of services to help your organization streamline testing processes, lower operating costs and improve the overall application lifecycle development.

Specifically, SDG can:

  • Help you define effective QA processes and practices with the right tools

  • Improve software development predictability to shorten lifecycles and reduce risk

  • Provide flexible and scalable resourcing to meet specific testing needs

  • Train support teams on process and automation tools

  • Validate your software to meet regulatory requirements

  • Develop actionable metrics for continuous improvement

SDG offers a full suite of services to help your organization streamline testing processes, lower operating costs and improve the overall application lifecycle development.

SDG Insights

With unparalleled subject matter expertise in the Quality Assurance space, you can learn more about SDG's solutions by selecting one or more of the collateral listed here:

The Importance of Quality Assurance and Independent Validation Testing 
Quality assurance, an often overlooked and understaffed function, is critical to the success of every software implementation. Independent Validation Testing (IVT) means having an experienced team and an end-to-end process in place enabling your organization to

  • deliver a comprehensive, independent verification and validation audit

  • validate results with third-party testing

  • perform full life cycle testing

Software quality assurance includes all aspects of testing – regression testing, system testing, system integration testing, software integration testing, automated testing, automation testing and application testing -- with software testing tools, automated testing tools and importantly, QA training managed by an experienced team of software quality assurance engineers.

software truism: machines don't break processes; humans do

Quality Assurance is critical to the success of every software implementation.

  1. Standardized
    Standardized QA processes, practices and tools improve predictability, reducing risk and time-to-market.

  2. Integrated
    Integrated QA practices, tools and frameworks contribute to predictability, reducing risk and time-to-market.

  3. Dedicated
    Dedicated software personnel with category expertise ensure efficient execution of QA activities reducing risk.


QA Challenges in the Enterprise
Real life examples of poorly conducted QA and IVT are evident everywhere, including organizations of every size, as well as the government. There are many reasons why Product Development and Marketing have a difficult time managing QA and IVT projects:

  • Frequently changing requirements
  • Reduced product lifecycles
  • Lack of funds to hire QA expertise or to train QA staff
  • Increasing technical obsolescence

"We needed a team to help our inhouse developers evaluate production loads and identify bottlenecks in our product development process.  We weren’t looking to replace our team.  We wanted to supplement their skill set and to provide expert guidance in Quality Assurance Test Management. SDG exceeded our expectations and delivered huge wins in QA."
ADT Senior Executive

Leveraging SDG's Expertise
SDG's Quality Assurance for enterprise software and applications includes developing a unified testing and validation framework, designing a self-sustaining and scalable service-based model, developing consistent and tangible metrics monitoring and ensuring rigorous compliance.

Engaging SDG
With SDG managing your QA and IVT, you will streamline testing processes, lower operating costs and improve overall application lifecycle development. Learn more about our services and solutions in the following tabs:

SDG helps companies define effective QA processes and practices.  We help our clients use the right QA tools.  Importantly, we help our clients understand the value of quality assurance.  Our QA advisory services include:

  • Process improvement
  • QA tool evaluation
  • QA training

SDG’s process improvement expertise and methodologies help clients assess, define, enhance and implement appropriate software QA processes and practices. We help clients evaluate and implement QA testing tools that align with their QA processes and practices. 

SDG’s implementation services enable you to test faster and more effectively.  We help our customers maximize the value of software quality assurance. Usability is improved. 

User experiences are more secure. Our integrated QA practices, tools and frameworks increase predictability of software development, ultimately reducing risk and time-to-market.  Implementation services include:

  • Test automation
  • Functional testing
  • Performance engineering
  • Security validation
  • Test metrics

For decades, SDG has been providing quality talent for our customers.  Customers like our “hassle-free,” all-inclusive QA services.  With virtually unlimited resources and talent, SDG is able to dynamically expand the throughput of quality assurance testing. SDG’s turnkey services include:

  • Staff augmentation
  • Outsourcing
  • On-demand testing

Because quality assurance means different things to different organizations, an organization’s quality assurance program must reflect their business model and the industry in which they compete. SDG’s services include the full gamut of quality assurance, QA testing and independent validation and testing. We provide our customers with the support and expertise they require to deliver the highest quality enterprise software products, while reducing risk, keeping QA test phases on time and on budget.

SDG uses a disciplined approach to IVT. Our model includes definition and planning, execution, control processes and mechanisms that drive consistent metrics, repeatability and feedback.  Each discipline includes a comprehensive and interchangeable subset of building blocks that are utilized based on the unique goals and level of maturity of each client.

We are happy to provide your organization with an assessment of quality assurance needs.  For an appointment, call us at +1 (203) ­866-8886.

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