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by Utilizing Robust IT Risk + Security Solutions

In the Internet Age and with rapidly expanding commercial networks, data security, data integrity and transaction security have collectively become the #1 priority for the enterprise. Security threats come in many forms – from external threats from malicious attacks, to internal threats from data theft – and can lead to lost opportunities or unexpected outages and business interruptions.

Each threat must be evaluated carefully so the enterprise can effectively manage its risk profile. A unified view of enterprise security gives CIOs and all business stakeholders real-time visibility into enterprise risks along with robust counter-measures for immediate removal of security threats.

Specifically, SDG can:

  • Evaluate your Network Information and Data Security. We test, review, and assess all security components to ensure that sensitive information and mission-critical data is protected and backed up in case of a security incident.
  • Perform Vulnerability Analyses on your Network and Infrastructure Security.  We’ll review your architecture and assess its vulnerability (perform penetration testing, managed infrastructure security and security policy planning and implementation).
  • Review all Software and Applications.  We examine your code, perform assessments,independently validate and test your solutions and apps.
  • Review Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Strategies.  We evaluate your disaster recovery plans, incident management strategies and contingency plans to identify appropriate responses, enabling the enterprise to remain resilient even when faced with various threats.

SDG Insights

With unparalleled subject matter expertise in the Risk, Security and Enterprise Vulnerability space, you can learn more about SDG’s solutions by selecting one or more of the collateral listed here:

security truism(s): there is no limit to what you can spend on security and there is no shortage of available technology.

The flipside: if you don't have a robust risk and security strategy, it can be very costly.

  1. Diligent
    Security degrades on a daily basis and organizational efforts must improve on a daily basis.

  2. Dynamic
    Security needs are dynamic and must change as your business priorities change.

  3. Deliberate
    Security risk strategies and loss minimization policies have to work hand-in-hand.


SDG employs a variety of technologies and tools to perform specific tasks related to data security.  We secure your corporate network in conjunction with your enterprise’s overall security plan. Our IT Risk and Security planning process includes:

  • Understanding all potential environmental risks – viruses, hackers and natural disasters.
  • Creating an analysis of the consequences of and countermeasures to security breaches in relation to risks.
  • Integrating security measures into all aspects of an enterprise network.

How SDG secures sensitive data
Shown above and listed below is one method that SDG uses to secure sensitive data. For data encyrption:

  •  Ward off eavesdroppers and hackers
  •  Algorithmic data scramble
  •  Organization’s data privacy, uncompromised
  •  Only authorized readers of decrypted data

Data Encryption – fortifying parameters:

  • Encryption Schemes: Symmetric/Private Key or Asymmetric or Public Key
  • Key Length: Length of Encrypted Chunks. More bites the Better
  • Encryption Strength: KEY size applied for Encryption. Longer Keys are stronger
  • Speed: Encryption/Decryption Speed. Best Choice : Moderation
  • Authentic: Verified by Reputed Security Agencies, like NSA

Engaging SDG
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