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TruOps: Early Warning Platform for Risk, Security + Compliance

Being immersed in systems integration for many large enterprises solving disparate business problems across multiple technologies has afforded SDG the unique opportunity to develop a portfolio of proprietary software solutions with broad appeal.

SDG has built its reputation in risk and compliance since the business was founded, which is where our flagship GRC solution, TruOps was conceived.

Our passion for TruOps stems from the increasing complexity across today’s enterprise business and need to manage IT risk which is now so inextricably tied to overall business risk. Putting your IT and Operational leaders in full control with visibility, early warning and pre-emptive problem solving across the business is no longer a problem looking for a solution. We built it and it’s called TruOps. With stronger business insight you get better governance, the least your business peers deserve. SDG is committed to investing in research and development for the TruOps family of products.

Specifically TruOps can

  • provide a cost-effective platform with out-of-the-box hubs that roll up to a powerful dashboard.
  • require minimal customization, allowing for faster deployment compared to point solutions.
  • integrate disparate monitoring and security tools for a holistic view and digital cockpit.

SDG Insights

With unparalleled subject matter expertise in the technology, risk management and GRC space, you can learn more about SDG’s flagship solution – TruOps – by selecting one or more of the collateral listed here:

TruOps is

IT Operations
IT Operations that monitors and visualizes data from key systems and applications to quickly take action directly from the dashboard.  Learn more.

IT Risk
GRC Risk based on ISACA’s risk IT framework automates the entire risk management process, from scoring to mitigation and reporting. Learn more.

IT Compliance
GRC Compliance for centralized control over compliance processes, accessing deficiencies and managing remediation. Learn more.

What TruOps does

  • delivers significant efficiency in enterprise security automation and management while maximizing ROI.
  • empowers enterprise IT to manage compliance and enforce regulations with high automation.
  • monitors capabilities for all your distributed applications and devices in a single view.

How TruOps works in the Enterprise
TruOps delivers significant efficiencies and lowers costs by combining IT Operations and GRC on a single versatile platform. TruOps Integrates disparate monitoring and security tools for a holistic view. TruOps helps your organization realize the best of all worlds:

  • Rules-based transformation of raw data into actionable metrics.
  • Centralized management of GRC policy-related IT controls and thresholds.
  • Compliance management driven by the Unified Compliance Framework.
  • Risk evaluation, treatment and reporting.
  • Workflows, alerts and a flexible interface.

Engaging SDG
We are happy to demo how TruOps can help improve your enterprise GRC.  Contact us at +1 (203) 86­6-8886 or email to

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