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TruOps GRC Compliance Management provides a centralized, access-controlled environment for automating enterprise compliance processes, assessing deficiencies and managing remediation efforts. This robust and flexible, web-based solution allows you to choose process and technical controls, link them to authoritative sources, perform risk-based scoping, execute design and operating tests, and respond to identified gaps.

At the core of compliance management solution is the Unified Common Control (UCC) library that creates mapping between controls across multiple regulations, thus enabling "test-once, comply-to-many" functionality. TruOps GRC Compliance Management solution is equipped with an extensive library of compliance contents covering major regulations and industry standards, such as SOX, PCI, ISO, NIST, FFIEC, HIPAA, FISMA etc. The solution automates the compliance process with intelligent self-assessment tools backed by TruOps' highly configurable workflow engine.

Key Benefits
By automating manual activities and enabling continuous compliance, the TruOps IT Compliance reduces the time and costs associated with managing compliance while improving the ability to comply. Using TruOps IT Compliance, companies can gather and analyze assessment results, classify them based on Industry Standards, Regulations and Internal Policies and Processes with far less effort than doing so manually.

TruOps IT Compliance enables companies to automatically assign controls based on classification of assessment and continually monitor them across a variety of regulations, standards and policies, providing complete visibility into an organization's compliance status at any time.

  • Integration of disparate compliance processes and sources of information, providing users with a single portal for completing work.
  • Test-once, comply-to-many.  Efficiencies gained through asking a single question and using the results to demonstrate compliance with multiple regulations.
  • Automation of workflow, risk-based scoping, data collection, assessment scoring, findings generation and notifications, significantly reducing the administrative burden.
  • Ability to roll up compliance results to policies, controls, regulations, business units and divisions.
  • Rapid return on your investment that you can implement out-of-the-box or tailor to your needs.

Features at a Glance

  • Intelligent assessment engine
  • Automated control assignment and testing
  • Support high level controls and technical checklists
  • Audit findings and gap management
  • Exception and remediation management
  • Out-of-the-box contents for regulations and industry standards
  • Template based automatic report generation
  • Compliance dashboards

Common Control Framework Repository and Management Platform
TruOps IT Compliance provides a central repository and a management platform for all compliance related information, including regulations, frameworks, controls, assessments, evidence, exceptions, gaps, etc. Compliance teams can manage out-of-the-box and custom content in one convenient Common Control Framework interface. Controls are mapped across regulations, standards, risks, policies and incidents for a 360-degree view of compliance and a ‘test-once, comply-to-many’ status. Compliance Manager manages all assets to be assessed, including tagging, grouping and classification.

Self-Assessment and Automated Control Testing
TruOps IT Compliance features an intelligent assessment engine that automatically builds assessment questions based on attributes of the domain to be assessed, supports dependent questions, and can automatically perform calculations derived from assessment answers. By leveraging mappings in the Unified Common Control (UCC) Library, Compliance Management solution can automatically build composite assessment questionnaires that work across multiple control sets with no redundancy, enabling “test-once, comply-to-many.” Compliance Manager can automatically pass or fail controls based on rules, saving effort and improving accuracy.

Employ a Risk-Based Scoping Process
Perform risk-based scoping at the business unit, account or regulation level using a top-down and bottom-up approach. Once the evaluation is complete, the decisions are automatically rolled down to the process and control level, allowing you to determine an efficient and effective testing program.

Manage Compliance Assessments
Use pre-loaded questionnaires, including process control self-assessments, design and operating tests, control manual and technical assessments. Also import your own questions to generate new questionnaires in a matter of minutes. Additionally, you can integrate data from manual assessments to gain a consolidated view.

Identify Deficiencies and Manage Remediation Plans
Auto-generate deficiencies based on failures noted within questionnaires and test results, and understand how findings relate to controls, operating entities, policies, regulations and risks. Also relate multiple findings in the context of a remediation plan to identify larger issues and support informed decision making.

Resolve Compliance Deficiencies
Employ automated workflow and task management capabilities to resolve compliance deficiencies, route findings and tasks to appropriate personnel, who can respond by completing remediation tasks or logging exception requests that identify effective compensating controls. TruOps IT Compliance provides pre-built, fully configurable workflow processes for reviewing and approving the resolution of deficiencies.

End-To-End Compliance Automation
TruOps IT Compliance supports end-to-end compliance automation based on an organization’s hierarchy. The solution allows organizations to manage assessment findings and gaps and implement areas of compliance incrementally. Additionally, compliance teams can import findings and gaps from existing sources and use Compliance Management to complete the remediation, exception management, and reporting processes. Assessments can be tracked along with their findings, evidences for audit purposes. Finally, template based report generation and dashboards can fully automate documentation and provide any-time visibility to the compliance process.

Report on Compliance Activities
Use real-time reporting capabilities to form a consolidated picture of compliance efforts and remediation processes. TruOps IT Compliance provides an ad hoc reporting interface that allows you to deliver status and alert-type reports to users via dashboards, or exports in a number of formats.


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