Building a Better Mousetrap

with Business Process Engineering + Automation

There are a lot of trite business idioms, but there is one that is patently true: Adapt or Die.  Overlay technology advancements and the pace of change, and an organization’s response will determine whether it survives. Reengineering and re-thinking the way things are processed can help you remain competitive and invigorate your team.

Specifically, SDG can help organizations

  • Oversee process improvement and re-engineering
  • Provide Information Integration Services
  • Extract key knowledge from Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Manage Data Warehousing (DwH)

SDG works hand-in-hand with companies of every size and complexity through the entire Business Process Reengineering (BPR) cycle. We examine and evaluate each core business process within and outside an organization company, and recommend executable solutions and business systems to answer such questions and issues as:

  • Does the company need to establish a defined mission to each business and market sector?
  • How should the firm shift its mission to adjust to each current and evolving market and industry sector?
  • Does the strategic-to-tactical execution plan match the business' capabilities and initiatives?
  • What existing, new, and emerging technologies and business practices can be used to achieve each strategic and tactical goal and objective?
  • What can be improved through simplification, modification, and/or elimination?

Once these questions have been prioritized, answered and aligned to meet the adjusted strategic plan, SDG will work with your team to ensure successful transformation.

Leveraging SDG's Expertise
SDG’s experienced process and domain experts help companies discover, design, implement and improve business processes. We will analyze each process and its change in an independent, unbiased manner while helping the various teams arrive at a consensus view and understanding; thereby leading to a faster, accurate implementation that addresses real needs.

SDG experts follow industry-standard techniques such as SIPOC, COPIC, Pugh Matrix, Lean, etc. and use state-of-the-art tools and technologies like SharePoint and Pega. We bring industry best practices and experience to provide superior advice and solutions, and guide you through your BPR journey.

Enterprise Process Design Services help discover, design, and improve processes.

  • Process discovery
  • Process modeling
  • Process re-engineering and Improvement

BPM Implementation and Support Services translate the processes into solutions while providing support.

  • Process digitization and automation
  • Application integration, consolidation, and migration using SOA
  • Process optimization and maintenance
  • L1 and L2 support

Strategic Consulting Services advise throughout the BPM advisory, implementation and support cycle.

  • “Right” BPM tool identification
  • Training and competency development
  • Helping customers establish a mature CoE model and maximize the ROI from BPM

Engaging SDG
We are happy to demo how your enterprise can use business process re-engineering and automation to increase performance.  Contact us at +1 (203) ­866-8886 or email to

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