Develop a Strong IT Core and

You'll Have the Framework for Success

Not only does a strong core improve appearance, but it is the key to back and muscle health, without which your body’s frame will deteriorate. SDG’s Big Data Framework bridges the gap in the enterprise between the business model and business strategy and helps to ensure effective governance. 

SDG’s Big Data Framework accelerates an enterprise’s ability to grow quickly because it provides an instant technology stack, significantly reducing development time and time-to-market.   With our proprietary IP that is ready for implementation, organizations can easily:

  • aggregate data from vastly different systems including manual uploads
  • correlate disparate data
  • apply business rules for dashboard communication


Rather than trying to figure out, buy and deploy the technology component, organizations are able to focus on important business strategies:

  • Building custom solutions using dashboards, reporting and improved workflows
  • Utilizing multiple technologies to deliver powerful solutions
  • Focusing on features and their benefit rather than integration challenges

Use Case:  Ad Agency
For this firm, we’re aggregating incredibly disparate data, metrics and analytics -- combining media performance data – ratings and shares -- from TV and Radio with web analytics and call center metrics.  After we apply pre-determined business rules, the resulting data is rolled up into on an actionable dashboard that they use to recommend media buys to their global brands.

Use Case:  Fortune 25 Company
For this financial and manufacturing giant, we are combining metrics uploaded manually by business units across the globe including IT financials, program financials, security, headcount, vendor spend and change control.  The data goes through a workflow driven approval process before being published to a portal available to senior management as well for use to report to federal regulators.

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